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Web Application Penetration Testing

Web application plays an important role for the modern organization. But if your organization does not properly secure and test the web apps, it can compromise the application and damage your business functionally along with that can also steal data. Now, customers from web application penetration testing companies expect that web applications will provide significant functionality and access to data. Indeed, even past the significance of client confronting web applications, inner web applications progressively address the most ordinarily utilized business devices inside any association.

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Online | Interactive Live sessions

Eligibility Criteria

No Eligibility Criteria. Basic concepts provided by us

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Course Module

  • Understanding Html & Lab Setup
    • Web Application Structure
    • Html Request And Response
    • Lab Setup
    • Install Xampp Server
    • Setup Vulnerable Web Application
    • Setup Dvwa
    • Setup Bwapp
    • Setup Webgoat 7.1
    • Setup Burp-suite
    • Setup Burp-suite Ca Certificate
    • Setup Firefox Old Version (4o.0) With No- Redirect
    • Addon
    • Setup Netsparker
    • Setup Acunetix
    • Setup Vm-ware
    • Install Kali-linux
  • Owasp Top 10 & Sql-injection
    • What Is Vulnerability
    • What Is Owasp Top 10?
    • How You Can Find Out Vulnerability In Web Application?
    • How You Can Exploit That Vulnerability?
    • Sql- Injection
    • What Is Sql Injection?
    • How You Can Find Out Sql Injection Vulnerability In Website?
    • What Is Get Method?
    • How You Can Find Out Sql- Injection Vulnerability In Get Parameter?
    • How You Can Exploit That Vulnerability?
    • What Is Sqlmap And How You Can Use It?
    • What Is Post Method?
    • How You Can Find Out Sql- Injection Vulnerability In Post Parameter?
    • How You Can Bypass Login Page Auth Using Sql-injection Vulnerability?
    • How You Can Use Different Types Of Payload To Bypass Log In Page?
  • Cross Site Scripting - Xss
    • What Is Intruder?
    • How You Can Use It?
    • Cross Site Scripting (xss)
    • What Is Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability?
    • Where You Can Find Out Xss Vulnerability?
    • Types Of Xss? Details Of Persistence Xss
    • Details Of Dom Based Xss
    • Xss Demo On Live Website
    • Cookie Stealing Using Xss Vulnerability
  • Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
    • Cross Site Request Forgery(CSRF)
    • What Is Csrf?
    • Where You Can Find Out Csrf Vulnerability?
    • Csrf Live Demo On Get Method
    • Csrf Live Demo On Post Method
  • Different Types Of Injection
    • What Is Command Injection?
    • Live Demo On Command Injection
    • What Is Code Injection
    • What Is X-path Injection?
    • Live Demo On X- Path Intjection
    • Live Demo On Ldap Injection
    • What Is Html Injection?
    • Live Demo On Html Intjection
    • What Is Xxe?
    • Live Demo On Xxe
    • What Is Xml- Injection
    • Live Demo On Xml- Injection
    • Security Misconfiguration
    • What Is Security Misconfiguration?
    • What Is Directory Listing?
    • Live Demo On Directory Listing Vulnerability
    • What Is Cors?
    • Live Demo On Cors
    • What Is Option Method? How It's Effect?
    • Sessions Hijacking
    • What Is Sessions?
    • How We Can Bvpass The Session?
    • Use Burp Sequencer How We Can Generate Sessions?
  • Webserver Hacking & Burp-suite
    • Webshell Or Webserver Hacking
    • What Is Webshell?
    • How You Can Hack Webserver Using Webshell?
    • How You Can Bvpass Client Side Validation And Uploading Webshell?
    • How You Can Bypass Content Type Validation And Uploading Webshell?
    • What Is Rfi And Using Rfi How You Can Access Webserver?
    • Using Weevely How You Can Upload Webshell?
    • Burp Suite Manual Testing
    • Using Burp Suite How You Can Do Manual Testing?
    • What Is Spider How You Can Use It?
    • What Is Intruder How You Can Use It?
    • What Is Repeater How You Can Use It?
    • What Is Sequencer How You Can Use It?
    • What Is Decoder How You Can Use It?
    • What Is Compare How You Can Use It?
    • What Is Extender How You Can Use It?
  • Vulnerability Scanning
    • Vulnerability Scanner Automation Testing, Using Scanner How You Can Do Automation Testing?
    • What Is Netsparkar How You Can Use It?
    • What Is Acunetix How You Can Use It?
    • Url Redirect And Forward
    • What Is Url Redirect And Forward?
    • Live Demo On Url Redirect And Forward
    • Insecure Deserialization
    • What Is Insecure Deserialization?
    • Using Components With Known Vulnerabilities What Is Using Components With Known Vulnerabilities?
    • Insufficient Logging And Monitoring
    • Broken Authentication
    • What Is Broken Authentication?
    • How You Can Bypass Post Log In Page Without Valid Sessions?
    • How You Can Use No- Redirect Add-on?
    • Broken Access Control
    • What Is Broken Access Control?
    • Live Demo On Broken Access Control

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Skills covered

  • Advanced XSS
  • Data Tampering
  • Advanced Burpsuite
  • Automation Scanning
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Do you have no idea where to begin your Application Security journey? Then, The Web Application Penetration Testing course is a great place to start. This hands-on web application penetration testing course is appropriate for beginners and covers a wide range of common web application attacks. Once you've mastered the fundamentals, you can expand your knowledge on your own.

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  • We provide information about the latest IT sector development and also give them the chance of learning by doing. We train our students to identify vulnerabilities of a system and also the protective steps to counter the problem.
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  • What exactly is WAPT?

    WAPT is a performance testing tool that can be used on any website, from a simple online service to a fully customized CRM or ERP system. By recording a basic test scenario in a browser, users can generate a basic test scenario in minutes.
    The advantages of adopting WAPT :
    include the ability to quickly record and create tests. Support for Rich Internet Applications (RIA) and mobile applications Error reporting that is more advanced Log viewer that is built-in Real-world users and conditions are simulated.

  • Who are the typical users of WAPT?

    The following are some of WAPT's typical clients: Freelancers, large corporations, mid-sized businesses, and small businesses are all types of businesses.

  • What is the language used by WAPT?

    The following languages are supported by WAPT: English

  • What level of support does WAPT offer?

    WAPT provides the following assistance: Knowledge Base, Forum