Certification in Industrial Training on Ethical Hacking

Program Overview:

White-hat hackers generally attempt to inspect network infrastructure with the consent of its owner and to find all the security vulnerabilities that a hacker can exploit. This course assists you with surveying the security stance of an association by distinguishing every one of the weaknesses in organization and framework foundation to decide whether unapproved access is conceivable. Our certified ethical hacking program is the best certified ethical hacking training in Kolkata.  

We will train you with the most advanced tools and techniques that are used by the black and grey hat- hackers. That can help you to break into an organization to assess, document, and identify vulnerabilities from a vendor-neutral perspective. DataSpace Security is providing the best certified ethical hacking course in kolkata

Phases of ethical hacking

1. Reconnaissance
2. Gaining access
3. Enumeration
4. Maintaining access
5. Covering tracks

Why is this course different from others?

The certified ethical hacking training in Kolkata mainly focuses on hacking techniques and technologies from an offensive perspective. The advanced security course from the best institute for ethical hacking in kolkata is updated on a regular basis to reflect the latest development in the domain, which includes exploiting, new hacking techniques, automated programs along with the defensive recommendation that is outlined by the experts. If you are searching ethical hacking institute near me, then DataSpace security is the right choice for you. 

Course outline

Class Mode
Online | Interactive Live sessions
Eligibility Criteria
No Eligibility Criteria. Basic concepts provided by DataSpace Academy
Course Fees
The ethical hacking course fees in Kolkata 6,000 INR + 18% GST
Lifetime Access to DataSpace Academy LAB (50+ pdf, 100+ videos)
24X7 Round the clock doubt clearing session
World Recognised Certificate

Course Module:

  • Introduction
    • Lecture 1: - What is Hacking
      Lecture 2: - What is Ethical Hacking
      Lecture 3: - Types of Hackers
      Lecture 4: - White Hat Hacker
      Lecture 5: - Black Hat Hackers
      Lecture 6: - Grey Hat Hackers
      Lecture 7: - Script Kiddies
      Lecture 8: - Hacktivists
      Lecture 9: - Spy Hackers
      Lecture 10: - Cyber Terrorists
      Lecture 11: - Vulnerability
      Lecture 12: - Exploit
      Lecture 13: - Remote Exploit
      Lecture 14: - Local Exploit
      Lecture 15: - Zero-day
      Lecture 16: - Zero-day vulnerability
      Lecture 17: - Zero-day Exploit
      Lecture 18: - Brute force attack
      Lecture 19: - Phishing
      Lecture 20: - Remote access
      Lecture 21: - Payload
      Lecture 22: - Information Gathering
      Lecture 23: - Active Information Gathering
      Lecture 24: - Passive Information Gathering
      Lecture 25: - Scanning
      Lecture 26: - Gaining Access
      Lecture 27: - Maintaining Access
      Lecture 28: - Covering Tracks
      Lecture 29: - Viruses & Worms
      Lecture 30: - Trojan Horse
      Lecture 31: - Spyware
      Lecture 32: - Adware
      Lecture 33: - Backdoor
      Lecture 34: - Rootkits
      Lecture 35: - Ransomware
      Lecture 36: - What is Penetration Testing
      Lecture 37: - Types of Penetration Testing
      Lecture 38: - What is white box Penetration Testing
      Lecture 39: - What is Black Box Penetration testing
      Lecture 40: - Introduction to Linux OS
      Lecture 41: - Social Engineering
      Lecture 42: - Google hacking using google dorks
  • Lab Setup
    Lab Setup and Configuration
    • Lecture 43: - What is Virtual Machine
      Lecture 44: - What is VMware
      Lecture 45: - What is Virtual Box
      Lecture 46: - Install VMware
      Lecture 47: - Install Kali Linux
      Lecture 48::- Install Windows OS
  • System Hacking
    System Hacking
    • Lecture 49: - Vulnerability Scanning using Nessus
      Lecture 50:- Exploit using Metasploit
  • Social Engineering
    Social Engineering
    • Lecture 51:- Phishing Attack
      Lecture 52: Setoolkit usages
      Lecture 53: RAT (Remote Access Trojan)
      Lecture 54: Using RAT hack Systems
      Lecture 55: NGROk usages
      Lecture 56: Android Phone Hacking
  • Web Application Pentesting
    Web Application Pentesting
    • Lecture 57: How Web Application Works
      Lecture 58: Request and Response
      Lecture 59: Installing Scanner (Acuntix, Netsparker) Scanning
      Lecture 60: Website Basic
      Lecture 61: OWASP Top 10
      Lecture 62: What is Sql-Injection?
      Lecture 63: Types of Sql-Injection
      Lecture 64: Live Demo on Sql-Injection
      Lecture 65: What is XSS
      Lecture 66: Types of XSS
      Lecture 67: Live Demo on XSS All types

Tools Covered

And Many More..

Why DataSpace Academy?

  • World Recognised Certificate
  • 24X7 Study Material
    After enrolling for the course you will get more than 100+ videos, 10+ pdf, 20+ Hacking Tools
  • DataSpace Security is ISO 27001 & 9001 Certified Company.
  • 100% Placement Assistance
    After the complete course, we will give you 100% Placement Assistance. We are associated with Top-level MNC’s, Cyber Security companies like Security Bridge, KPMG, Deloitte, PWC, TCS, CTS who requires practical knowledge of Kali Linux, Nessus, SQL 
  • Bug Bounty & Capture the Flag Contest
    Dataspace security will enhance your hacking skills by arranging bug bounties program and ‘capture the flag’ contests weekly
  • DataSpace Academy prepares for OSCP certification exam DataSpace Academy prepares for OSCP certification exam 
  • The Offensive Security Certified Professional is a well-respected certification required for many penetration testing jobs. It is worth enough certificate for professionals and beginners who aspire to become Senior Level Pentesters.
  • Internship Programme After the course,
    you can directly Join Our Industry based Internship Programme. After the Internship awarded an Experience Certificate of 6 months.

Admission & Fees

Certification in industrial training on ethical hacking
6,000 INR +18% GST
  • Training & Mentorship
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Online LIve Interactive Session
  • Recorded Session After the class
  • World Recognised Certificate
  • DataSpace Academy Lab Access (100+ Videos, 50+ PDF)
  • 3 Months Internship Program after the course


I have enrolled for the training of ethical hacking. As they told me earlier yes it is an industrial training by industry experts. I took a free class first then I have joined for full course. They are providing flexible slot for everyone that's why I am doing this training or it will be very tuff for me. The sessions are really good & I can recommend to join my friends & everyone.

animesh bhowmick

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