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DataSpace Security provides 12-month training and diploma programs conducted both as a full-time and online program, best on the eligibility of the students. Our training and diploma program can lead to an opportunity for employment in the cybersecurity sector of various organizations. The training program has been developed through inputs from industry and experts from the field. We have faculties consists of experienced trainers. Our teaching process includes theory, case studies, practical, visits, projects, and internships to keep the learning collaborative.

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Program Overview

Class Mode

Online | Interactive Live sessions

Eligibility Criteria

No Eligibility Criteria. Basic concepts provided by us

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Course Module

  • Semester 1 (Prerequisites For Cyber Security)
    • Basic of computer network
    • Explain network & types of network
    • Understand & compare Broad network categories
    • Understand and Explain OSI Model
    • Describe 7 layers of OSI
    • Explain PDU in OSI model
    • Explain types of networking media
    • Understand and explain coaxial cables, Twisted pair cables, Fiber optic cables
    • Understand straight cable & crossover cable
    • Structured Cabling
    • Understand networking devices and its use
    • Understand and Explain Topology and it need
    • Explain different types of physical topologies used in networking
    • Understand about ip address
    • Explain about IP Version 4 classes and Subnet Mask
    • Configuring and verifying IP Address
    • Understand and explain about TCP/IP
    • Compare OSI Model and TCP/IP Model
    • Explain Layer in TCP/IP Model
    • Understanding Ports and Protocol
    • Details of Subnetting
    • Router Configuration & Firewall Rules
    • What is VPN and How it's Work
    • Understanding Web Application Structure
    • Detailed in Html Request And Response
    • Linux Basic Commands
    • Introduction To Cloud Computing
    • Explain Layer in TCP/IP Model
    • Cloud Computing Models
    • Benefits Of Cloud Computing
    • Private Cloud
    • Hybrid Cloud
    • Software As A Service (SAAS)
    • Platform As A Service(PAAS)
    • Infrastructure As A Service (IAAS)
  • Semester 2 (Certification In Python Programming)
    • Introduction To Python Programming
    • Data Types And Variables
    • Decision Making And Conditional Statement
    • Looping
    • Tuples And Dictionaries
    • User-Defined Functions
    • Modules And User-defined Packages
    • Objected Oriented Programming
    • Exceptional Handling
    • File Handling
    • Socket And Network Programming
    • Gui Programming Using Python
    • Creating Hacking Tools Using Python
    • Project
  • Semester 3 (Certification In Ethical Hacking)
    • Introduction
    • Lab Setup And Configuration
    • System Hacking
      Social Engineering
      Wifi Hacking
      Web Application Pentesting
  • Semester 4 (Certification In Web Application Penetration Testing)
    • Understanding Html & Lab Setup
    • Owasp Top 10 & Sql- Injection
    • Cross Site Scripting - XSS
    • Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
    • Different Types Of Injection
    • Webserver Hacking & Burp-suite
    • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Semester 5 (Certification In Network Penetration Testing)
    • Introduction To Network Penetration Testing
    • Lab Setup
    • Deep Information Gathering
      Getting Into System
      Android Hacking
      Sniffing And Mitm
      Social Engineering
      Attacking Wifi Network
      Wifi As An Attack Vector

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Skills covered

  • Information Security
  • Network Penetration Testing
  • VAPT auditing
  • Risk assesment
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Increasingly important in any organization is cyber security. To reduce this risk, there is an increasing need to obtain in-demand skills and specialized understanding in all facets of cyber security, including Blockchain, Big Data, and IoT. You will develop the professional skills necessary to pursue a career in cybersecurity through lab exercises and cutting-edge equipment.

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Degrees in cyber security are more popular than ever. Hackers and cyberterrorists have limitless chances to exploit individuals, government institutions, and even major corporations since we live in the digital age. Top companies are willing to pay a high price for cyber security professionals who can protect their data and eliminate vulnerabilities in order to defend against cyber attacks and security breaches. DataSpace Academy is bringing the opportunity to learn cybersecurity courses from expert professionals. Mentoring sessions with industry experts, as well as individualized attention in small groups of 5-6 students. Get hands-on experience by working on projects that are relevant to your industry.

  • We provide information about the latest IT sector development and also give them the chance of learning by doing. We train our students to identify vulnerabilities of a system and also the protective steps to counter the problem.
  • We have experienced faculties to help our students get the most extensive practical training in our certification course in ethical hacking.
  • We provide the information and skill to the students to excel in job interviews and build a successful career.


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Got any Questions?

  • What exactly is a Diploma in Cyber Security?

    A Diploma in Cyber Security is an undergraduate program that should last four years. In general, the course covers interesting cyber security topics such as digital principles, algorithm analysis, system architecture, Java programming, data structures, and more.

  • What qualifications do I need to pursue a career in cyber security?

    To have a successful career in cyber security, you must have a diverse range of technical capabilities. To name a few, your talents must include intrusion detection, malware analysis, and reversal, programming, thinking like a hacker, risk analysis and mitigation, security analysis, and cloud security.

  • Are Cyber Security professionals in high demand?

    Cyber security personnel can work in a variety of roles in India and around the world. Because the Internet has such a large presence in our lives and so many aspects of our professional and personal life rely on it, it is safe to conclude that cyber security is one of the fastest-growing businesses and the need for cyber security experts is increasing.

  • How do I go about getting a job in cyber security?

    Students can get placement guidance from DataSpace Academy. When a student pursues a Diploma in Cybersecurity (Global Certification) from DataSpace Academy, we will provide 100% placement. We also provide an Internship program to various MNCs. This will improve your resume and make you more employable.

  • What is the typical pay for a Cyber Security engineer?

    A cyber security engineer's beginning salary in India ranges from Rs. 4,50,000 to Rs. 6,00,000 per year. Depending on your talents and the industry in which you work, this can steadily climb to Rs. 12,00,000 and above.