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Cybersecurity Diploma courses in India

DataSpace Security provides 12-month training and diploma programs conducted both as a full-time and online program, best on the eligibility of the students. Our training and diploma program can lead to an opportunity for employment in the cybersecurity sector of various organizations. The training program has been developed through inputs from industry and experts from the field. We have faculties consists of experienced trainers. Our teaching process includes theory, case studies, practical, visits, projects, and internships to keep the learning collaborative. 

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Class Mode
Online | Interactive Live sessions
Eligibility Criteria
No Eligibility Criteria. Basic concepts provided by DataSpace Academy
Course Fees
42,000 INR + 18% GST
Lifetime Access to DataSpace Academy LAB (50+ pdf, 100+ videos)
24X7 Round the clock doubt clearing session
World Recognised Certificate

Course Module





What is Computer Network?
Computer Network Formation
Types of Network
Usages of Computer Network
Classification of Computer Network
What is Network Packets?
Introduction to IPv4 and IPv6




What is OSI Model?
Layers of OSI Model
What is TCP/IP Model?
Layers of TCP/IP Model?




What is Network Topology?
Types of Network Topology
Classification of Network Topology
What is Underlay Network?
What is Overlay Network?




What is Transmission Media
Wired Medium
Wireless Medium
What is NIC card?
Repeaters and Hubs
Bridge and Switches




What is TCP?
What is UPD?
What is HTTP?
What is FTP?
What is TFTP?
What is SMTP?
What is POP?
What is ICMP?
What is RDP?




IP Addressing
Classification of IP address
IPv4 and IPv6 Subnets
IP Subnetting
Troubleshooting IP Addressing






Introduction to Python Programming


Python was made by Guido van Rossum and delivered in 1991. It is utilized for web advancement (worker side), programming improvement, arithmetic, framework scripting. It very well may be utilized to deal with large information and perform complex arithmetic. It can likewise be utilized for fast prototyping, or for creation-prepared programming advancement.

Data Types and Variables


A variable can be considered as a memory area that can hold estimations of a particular kind. The worth in a variable may change during the existence of the program—henceforth the name “variable.” Variable information is characterized as numeric data types in python and figures used to assemble control outlines.

Decision Making and Conditional Statement


Dynamic designs necessitate that the software engineer indicates at least one condition to be assessed or tried by the program, alongside an assertion or articulations to be executed if the conditional statement in python is resolved to be valid, and alternatively, different proclamations to be executed if the condition is resolved to be bogus.



A looping is utilized for executing a square of articulations over and over until a specific condition is fulfilled.

Tuples and DIctionaries


A Dictionary is a hash table of key-esteem sets. Rundown and tuple is an arranged assortment of things.

User-defined Functions


A User-defined Function is a square of code that plays out a particular assignment. These capacities are known as client characterized capacities.

Modules and User-defined Packages


A module is a document containing Python code. A bundle, notwithstanding, resembles a catalog that holds sub-bundles and modules.

Objected Oriented Programming


OOP represents Object-Oriented Programming python course. Procedural writing computer programs are tied in with composing techniques or capacities that perform the procedure on the information, while object-arranged writing computer programs are tied in with making objects that contain both information and capacities.

Exceptional Handling


An Exceptional Handling is an occasion, which happens during the execution of a program that disturbs the typical progression of the program’s directions. All in all, when a Python content experiences a circumstance that it can’t adapt to, it raises an exemption. An Exceptional Handling is a Python object that addresses a blunder.

File handling


Python also upholds File handling and permits clients to deal with records i.e., to peruse and compose records, alongside numerous other File handling python alternatives, to work on documents.

Socket and Network Programming


Socket and Network Programming is one of the best python programming course. It is a method of associating two hubs on an organization to speak with one another. One socket(node) tunes in on a specific port at an IP, while the other attachment contacts the other to frame an association.

GUI programming Using Python


Python gui programming course gives different alternatives to creating graphical UIs (GUIs). A graphical UI is an application that has catches, windows, and bunches of different gadgets that the client can use to interface with your application by learning python gui programming course.

Creating Hacking tools using Python


There are a lot of tools available for Python, but with this course, you will be able to make your own tools.


You can utilize Python for web advancement, information science, work area applications, and the sky’s the limit from there. With so numerous choices, it very well may be difficult to pick your next project thought.






Lecture 1: – What is Hacking
Lecture 2: – What is Ethical Hacking
Lecture 3: – Types of Hackers
Lecture 4: – White Hat Hacker
Lecture 5: – Black Hat Hackers
Lecture 6: – Grey Hat Hackers
Lecture 7: – Script Kiddies
Lecture 8: – Hacktivists
Lecture 9: – Spy Hackers
Lecture 10: – Cyber Terrorists
Lecture 11: – Vulnerability
Lecture 12: – Exploit
Lecture 13: – Remote Exploit
Lecture 14: – Local Exploit
Lecture 15: – Zero-day
Lecture 16: – Zero-day vulnerability
Lecture 17: – Zero-day Exploit
Lecture 18: – Brute force attack
Lecture 19: – Phishing
Lecture 20: – Remote access
Lecture 21: – Payload
Lecture 22: – Information Gathering
Lecture 23: – Active Information Gathering
Lecture 24: – Passive Information Gathering
Lecture 25: – Scanning
Lecture 26: – Gaining Access
Lecture 27: – Maintaining Access
Lecture 28: – Covering Tracks
Lecture 29: – Viruses & Worms
Lecture 30: – Trojan Horse
Lecture 31: – Spyware
Lecture 32: – Adware
Lecture 33: – Backdoor
Lecture 34: – Rootkits
Lecture 35: – Ransomware
Lecture 36: – What is Penetration Testing
Lecture 37: – Types of Penetration Testing
Lecture 38: – What is white box Penetration Testing
Lecture 39: – What is Black Box Penetration testing
Lecture 40: – Introduction to Linux OS
Lecture 41: – Social Engineering
Lecture 42: – Google hacking using google dorks


Lab Setup

Lecture 43: – What is Virtual Machine
Lecture 44: – What is VMware
Lecture 45: – What is Virtual Box
Lecture 46: – Install VMware
Lecture 47: – Install Kali Linux
Lecture 48::- Install Windows OS


System Hacking

Lecture 49: – Vulnerability Scanning using Nessus
Lecture 50:- Exploit using Metasploit
Lecture 51:- Network Scanning using Nmap
Lecture 52:- Windows 10 Hacking
Lecture 53:- Windows 10 UAC Bypass


Social Engineering

Lecture 54:- Phishing Attack
Lecture 55: Setoolkit usages
Lecture 56: RAT (Remote Access Trojan)
Lecture 57: Using RAT hack Systems
Lecture 58: NGROk usages
Lecture 59: Android Phone Hacking


Wifi Hacking

Lecture 60: Wifi Encryption
Lecture 61: Hack Wifi Access Point
Lecture 62: Dos Attack
Lecture 63: DDOS Attack


Web Application Pentesting

Lecture 64: How Web Application Works
Lecture 65: Request and Response
Lecture 66: Installing Scanner (Acuntix, Netsparker) Scanning
Lecture 67: Website Basic
Lecture 68: OWASP Top 10
Lecture 69: What is Sql-Injection?
Lecture 70: Types of Sql-Injection
Lecture 71: Live Demo on Sql-Injection
Lecture 72: What is XSS
Lecture 73: Types of XSS
Lecture 74: Live Demo on XSS All types
Lecture 75: What is HTML Injection
Lecture 76: Live Demo on HTML Injection
Lecture 78: What is Directory Listing
Lecture 79: Live Demo on Directory Listing
Lecture 80: What is Broken Authentication
Lecture 81: – Live Demo on Broken Authentication
Lecture 82: – What is Tamper data?
Lecture 83: – Live Demo on Tamper Data on Ecommerce site
Lecture 84: – What is Web Shell
Lecture 85: – Hack Web-Server Using Web-Shell






Understanding HTML & Lab Setup



Understanding HTML & Lab Setup

Web Application structure
HTML Request and Response
Lab Setup
Install Xampp Server
Setup Vulnerable Web Application
Setup DVWA
Setup Bwapp
Setup WebGoat 7.1
Setup Burp-suite
Setup Burp-Suite CA Certificate
Setup Firefox old version (40.0) with No-redirect addon
Setup Netsparker
Setup Acunetix
Setup Vm-Ware
Install Kali-Linux


OWASP Top 10



OWASP Top 10 & Sql-Injection


What is Vulnerability
What is OWASP Top 10?
How you can find out vulnerability in web application?
How you can Exploit that Vulnerability?
What is SQL Injection?
How you can find out SQL Injection Vulnerability in website?
What is GET Method?
How you can Find out sql-Injection Vulnerability in GET Parameter?
How you can Exploit that vulnerability
What is SQLMAP and How you can use it?
What is POST Method?
How you can Find out sql-Injection Vulnerability in POST Parameter?
How you can Bypass Login page Auth using SQL-Injection Vulnerability?
How you can use different types of payload to bypass Login Page?


XSS(Cross Site Scripting )


Cross Site Scripting – XSS


What is Intruder?
How you can use it?
Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
What is Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability?
Where you can find out XSS Vulnerability?
Types of XSS? Details of Persistence XSS
Details of Non-Persistent XSS
Details of DOM based XSS
XSS DEMO on Live Website
Cookie Stealing using XSS Vulnerability


CSRF(Cross Site Request Forgery )

Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF)


Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
What is CSRF?
Where you can find out CSRF Vulnerability?
CSRF live demo on GET Method
CSRF live demo on POST Method


Different Types of Injection



Different Types of Injection
What is command Injection?
Live Demo on command Injection
What is Code Injection
What is X-Path Injection?
Live Demo on X-Path Injection
What is LDAP Injection?
Live Demo on LDAP Injection
What is HTML Injection?
Live Demo on HTML Injection
What is XXE?
Live Demo on XXE
What is XML- Injection
Live Demo on XML-Injection
Security Misconfiguration
What is security misconfiguration?
What is Directory Listing ?
Live Demo on Directory Listing Vulnerability
What is CORS?
Live Demo on CORS
What is OPTION Method? How it’s effect?
Sessions Hijacking
What is Sessions?
How we can bypass the session?
Use Burp Sequencer how we can generate sessions?


Webserver Hacking & Burp-suite


Webserver Hacking & Burp-suite

  • Webshell or Webserver Hacking
    What is Webshell?
    How you can hack webserver using Webshell?
    How you can bypass client side validation and uploading webshell?
    How you can bypass content type validation and uploading webshell?
    What is RFI and using RFI how you can access webserver?
    Using Weevely how you can upload webshell?
    Burp Suite Manual Testing
    Using Burp Suite how you can do Manual Testing?
    What is spider how you can use it?
    What is Intruder how you can use it?
    What is Repeater how you can use it?
    What is Sequencer how you can use it?
    What is Decoder how you can use it?
    What is Compare how you can use it?
    What is Extender how you can use it?


Vulnerability Scanning


Vulnerability Scanning


Vulnerability Scanner Automation Testing,
Using scanner how you can do automation Testing?
What is Netsparkar how you can use it?
What is Acunetix how you can use it?
URL redirect and forward
What is url redirect and forward?
Live DEMO on URL Redirect and Forward
Insecure Deserialization
What is Insecure Deserialization?
Using Components with known vulnerabilities
what is Using Components with known vulnerabilities?
Insufficient logging and monitoring
What is Insufficient logging and monitoring?
Broken Authentication
What is Broken Authentication?
How you can bypass Post Login page without valid sessions?
How you can use No-redirect add-on?
Broken Access control
What is Broken Access control?
Live Demo on Broken Access control




Introduction to Network Penetration Testing


Introduction to Network Penetration Testing


It is a process of identifying and prioritizing the vulnerabilities in a target. Pen tests include an assortment of approaches intended to investigate an organization to distinguish possible weaknesses and test to guarantee the weaknesses are genuine.


Lab Setup


A hypervisor or cloud climate to have your machines. An objective machine — a machine you will check, find ports, administrations, and weaknesses, and afterward dispatch assaults on.

Deep information gathering


Deep information gathering

Information Gathering is the demonstration of social occasion various types of data against the focus on casualty or framework.

Getting into system


Getting into system

It is one of the most important steps in network penetration. Getting into a system leads you to the next step.

Android hacking


Android hacking

It is the practice of controlling or acquiring unapproved admittance to cell phones, for example, by catching calls or getting to voice message messages. Aggressors draw clients to download applications from untrusted sources. These android hacking apps may contain malicious programming inside them, giving the aggressor far off admittance to hack android phones when the APK is introduced by the client. At the point when the clients click that specific connection in the message, they might be diverted to a malignant site parting with their delicate data or may prompt monetary misfortune. Or can also hack wifi passwords online and android devices.

Sniffing and MITM


Sniffing and MITM

MITM is a class of assault and sniffing is just the word for examining bundles of the organization.









The quality or condition of being unknown delighted in the secrecy of life in an enormous city. Basically comprehended somebody is mysterious if his/her anonymous function isn’t known.

Social engineering


Social engineering

Social engineering in cyber security is the craft of controlling individuals so they surrender secret data. Social engineering techniques is the specialty of abusing human brain research, instead of specialized hacking strategies, to access structures, frameworks, or information.

Attacking wifi network


Attacking wifi network

Normally known as remote organization assaults, infiltration and interruption acts that target remote organizations present genuine dangers.

Wifi as an attack vector


Wifi as an attack vector

Generally known as remote organization assaults, infiltration, and interruption acts that target remote organizations present genuine dangers. You can also learn wi-fi network hacking.



Why should you choose the NCI-pg diploma in cybersecurity?

The certificate cybersecurity course is the keystone for making the career of many students, freshers, job seekers, and professionals. The program helps you to defend and commercial, personal, and government data from cyber attacks. DataSpace Security is the top cybersecurity post-graduate diploma institute in India.  

The diploma in cybersecurity is technically a job-oriented course. The objective of this program is to provide a wide range of fundamental knowledge about the cybersecurity domain. It is an entry-level course in the cybersecurity domain. It can make you familiar with the various concept of cybersecurity along with that it also provides skills, relevant knowledge, expertise tactics, and tools that involved in hacking. As well as it also provides you the knowledge on how to protect personal and business data. DataSpace Security provides the best cybersecurity certification course in Kolkata

We provide you 100% placement assistance

We are associated with top MNCs and cyber security companies like TCS, KMPG, CTC, PWC. They require the exact same practical tools and bits of knowledge that we teach here. That can make your journey easier to work on these top MNCs.   

Admission & Fees

Diploma in Cyber Security

42,000 INR +18% GST
  • Training & Mentorship
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Online LIve Interactive Session
  • Recorded Session After the class
  • World Recognised Certificate
  • DataSpace Academy Lab Access (100+ Videos, 50+ PDF)
  • 3 Months Internship Program after the course


I have enrolled for the training of ethical hacking. As they told me earlier yes it is an industrial training by industry experts. I took a free class first then I have joined for full course. They are providing flexible slot for everyone that's why I am doing this training or it will be very tuff for me. The sessions are really good & I can recommend to join my friends & everyone.

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