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Certification in Data Science

The Times of India India has stated that India is predicted to have 11 million job opportunities in Data Science by 2026. Our Data Science Certification Course will equip you with in-demand skills and knowledge to begin a successful career in Data Science.

DataSpace Academy paving the way for Successful Career in Data Science and Analytics.


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Top Highest Paying Jobs in India

Data Science is ruling the chart when it comes to top high paying jobs in India, claiming a massive 26% share in the job market. The domain is closely followed by Data Analytics and Full-Stack Development.

Our alumni placed in top companies across the world

Our shining stars who have recently attained placement in esteemed companies. DataSpace Academy courses are strategically designed to render a competitive edge in the job market.

Program Overview

This Certification course offers comprehensive training on all the key aspects of Applied Data Science, including Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. The course involves an interactive form of learning, covering masterclass lectures, practical laboratories, workshops, hackathons, and more. Our learners will receive hands-on training that will help them to become job-ready for different data science job roles.

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Who Can Join This Training?

Anyone with background in IT, Computer, Statistics, Maths, Economics, or any other relevant discipline
Professionals trying to switch careers to Data Science
1 year working experience in the same domain
Individuals with prior knowledge in Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and/or Artificial Intelligence

Skills You Will Gather

Statistical Analysis and Computing
Deep Learning
Machine Learning
Data Visualisation

Course Module

Understanding Excel Interface

Installation and Microsoft Terms and Conditions

Basic Excel Shortcuts

Data Visualisation in Excel

Conditional Formatting, VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, Pivot Table

Dashboard Presentation in Excel

Mathematics for Data Science

Fundamentals of Calculus

Permutation and Combination

Basics of Probability

Fourier Series/Integration

Matrix Algebra

Introduction to Python Programming

Installation Of Anaconda Navigator

Data Types in Python

Operations in Python

Control Structures in Python


OOPs in Python (Optional)

Python for Data Science

Introduction to NumPy

Operations in NumPy

Indexing NumPy Arrays

Panda Series and DataFrames


Groupby Functions

Joining, Concatenating and merging DataFrames

Data Visualisation in Python

Data Visualisation Using Matplotlib

Data Visualisation Using Seaborn


Exploratory Data Analysis

Web Scraping

Data Wrangling

Data Preparation

Missing Value Imputation


Introduction to Database Design

Understanding ERD

Various Constraints in SQL

Star Schema

Database Creation and Modification in MySQL workbench

Queries in SQL

Combining Tables

SELECT Statement

Advanced Filtering

SQL Transactions, Variables and Procedures

Descriptive Statistics

Types of Data

Population VS Sample

Central Tendency

Measures of Dispersion


Inferential Statistics

Probability and Probability Distribution

Binomial Distribution

Normal Distribution


Standard Normal Distribution

T Distribution

Central Limit Theorem

Hypothesis Testing

Null and Alternative Hypothesis

Significant Level



Type I and Type II Error

A/B Testing With Practical Examples

Introduction to Machine Learning

Supervised and Unsupervised learning

Introduction to scikit-learn

Understanding Classification problems, regression problem, dependent and independent variables

Train, Test and Optimize regression and Classification Models

Supervised Learning

Linear Regression

Logistic Regression

Decision Tree

Introduction to NLP and Lexical Processing

Unsupervised Learning: Clustering

Introduction to clustering problems

K-Means Clustering

Other Types of Clustering

Forecasting Algorithms

Introduction to Time series Forecasting

Different Forecasting Models

Introduction to Git and GitHub

Introduction to Version Control System

Git Essentials

Git Commands and Functionalities

Create Your First Project

Random Forests and Bagging

Bagging for Imbalanced Classification

Random Forest for Imbalanced Classification

Easy Ensemble for Imbalanced Classification



XG Boost

Gradient Boosting

Model Selection

Principles of Model Selection

Feature Engineering

Model Evaluation

Class Imbalance

Principal Component Analysis

Introduction to PCA

Vector Representation and Operation

Matrix Operation (Recap)

Dimensionality Reduction

Model Performance

Advanced Regression

Estimating Coefficients in SLR and MLR

Matrix representation of SLR and MLR

Assumption of Linear Regression

Identify Non-linear data

Polynomial Regression

Regularisation (Ridge and Lasso)

Introduction to Computer Vision

Image Detection/Handwriting Classifier: OpenCV Demo

Introduction to Neural Network

Convolutional Neural Network

How to Build CNN in Python Keras

Image Augmentation: Cats vs Dogs Classifier

Principles of Object Detection

TensorFlow Object Detection APIs

Dark Flow and YOLO: Object Detection

Style Transfer: Make AI Generated Art

Domain-based Capstone Projects- Learning Outcome

Problem Statement and Project Objectives

Approach for the Solution

Optimum Solutions

Evaluation Metrics

Gathering Actionable insights

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Career Opportunities

Average Salary
Hiring Companies
₹4.5L - ₹26.4L PA

Average Salary
Hiring Companies
₹3.0L - ₹12L PA

Average Salary
Hiring Companies
₹7L - ₹20.00L PA

Other Job Opportunities

Machine Learning Engineer, Data Architect, Business Intelligence Analyst

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DataSpace Academy courses are available at extremely competitive prices. Our Course Benefits are structured keeping in mind the convenience and budget of students and beginners

Certification in
Data Science

Training & Mentorship

Flexible Schedule

Online & Offline classes

Recorded Session After the class

Live projects & Capstone projects

Industry Recognised Certificate

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100% practical and lab-based classes (available online & offline)

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Have some doubts? Let's Clear

The course is available for people from both technical and non-technical backgrounds. This course would be perfect if you are currently in a non-technical domain but aspire to learn job-ready data analytics skills.

Prior knowledge of stats and maths would be helpful for learners aspiring to join the course. However, aspiring learners from non-tech background too would be able to join the course.

Yes, the program includes live project practice for hands-on training.

For details on seasonal discounts and special offers, please consult with our academic counselling team.

DataSpace Academy provides Internship opportunities and placement assistance based on the merit of the student on successful completion of the course.

After the completion of this course, learners will be able to apply for different job roles in the field of data analytics, such as Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Financial Analyst, Business Intelligence Analyst, Market Research Analyst, Data Privacy Analyst, Operations Analyst, Data Visualisation Specialist, and more.