Networking for Ethical Hacking

Program Overview:

The world is changing continuously and at a very fast rate. The technology-driven future we are going to live in is filled with many networking tools for ethical hacking along with challenges. Given the surge in network protection dangers, a large number of new jobs will open across the business and the worldwide computerized security spending will surpass many billions of dollars in the years to come.

What you will learn

Ethical hacking and penetration testing skills
Networking need for ethical hacking

How to setup hacking lab

How to hack routers and IoT devices

How to hack WiFi networks

How to secure a WiFi network and stay anonymous while browsing the web
How to hack STP, CDP, and Switches

In-depth shifting techniques

Networking concepts for ethical hacking

In-depth understanding of Hashes and how to break them

Ethical hacking is defined as the hacking of computers that is done with permission. It can be defined as the process of finding vulnerabilities in a  system to gain unauthorized access and also perform malicious activities. These activities start from deleting system files to steal sensitive information. 

Career chances

Ethical hacking is a career that has promising prospects. There is a demand for over 60,000 IT personnel worldwide. The number is expected to grow in the next few years. Talented ethical hackers can make their career under some big names in the IT sector including PWC, CTS, Security Bridge, KPMG, Deloitte. As DataSpace Security has tie-up with these MNCs. so, after completion of your ethical hacking network online courses, we also provide internships to our students. Once recruited to a big MNC, there is no stopping back for you. 

Program Outline of Networking for Ethical Hacking certification course

Class Mode
Online | Interactive Live sessions

Eligibility Criteria
No Eligibility Criteria. Basic concepts provided by DataSpace Academy
Course Fees
Networking For Ethical Hacking course fees 5,000 INR + 18% GST

Lifetime Access to DataSpace Academy LAB (50+ pdf, 100+ videos)
24X7 Round the clock doubt clearing session

World Recognised Certificate

Course Module

    • What is Computer Network?
      Computer Network Formation
      Types of Network
      Usages of Computer Network
      Classification of Computer Network
      What is Network Packets?
      Introduction to IPv4 and IPv6
    • What is OSI Model?
      Layers of OSI Model
      What is TCP/IP Model?
      Layers of TCP/IP Model?
    • What is Network Topology?
      Types of Network Topology
      Classification of Network Topology
      What is Underlay Network?
      What is Overlay Network?
    • What is Transmission Media
      Wired Medium
      Wireless Medium
      What is NIC card?
      Repeaters and Hubs
      Bridge and Switches
    • What is TCP?
      What is UPD?
      What is HTTP?
      What is FTP?
      What is TFTP?
      What is SMTP?
      What is POP?
      What is ICMP?
      What is RDP?
    • IP Addressing
      Classification of IP address
      IPv4 and IPv6 Subnets
      IP Subnetting
      Troubleshooting IP Addressing

Why choose DataSpace Security?

  • We offer in-depth technical excellence including industry-leading methodology to conduct high-value penetration.
  • We also offer our students the complete nmap ethical hacking course on network security. 
  • We discuss how the tools interrelate with each other in a testing process of your computer networks and ethical hacking course
  • The sessions address normal entanglements that emerge in infiltration tests and moral hacking projects, giving true techniques and strategies to stay away from these issues and to amplify the nature of test outcomes.
  • We also focus on the workflow of professional penetration testers and ethical hackers in our ethical hacking software for mobile networks learning
  • We also discuss the effective means for carrying out projects. 

Networking for Ethical Hacking

5,000 INR +18% GST
  • Training & Mentorship
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Online LIve Interactive Session
  • Recorded Session After the class
  • World Recognised Certificate
  • DataSpace Academy Lab Access (100+ Videos, 50+ PDF)
  • 3 Months Internship Program after the course

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