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Data Analytics

This Data Analytics course will train you to be a Data Analytics expert. Our Data Analyst certification teaches you analytics tools and techniques and how to work with SQL databases, R and Python, create data visualizations and apply statistics and predictive analytics in a business setting. You will also gain expertise in data visualization techniques using Tableau and Power BI, as well as how to organize data and design dashboards, as part of this Data Analytics course online certification.

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Program Overview

Class Mode

Online | Interactive Live sessions

Eligibility Criteria

Basic Computer & Stats

Course Fees

₹ 40,000 (+ 18% GST)


Lifetime Access (50+ pdf, 100+ videos)


24X7 Round the clock doubt clearing session


World Recognised Certificate

Course Module

  • Python
    • Installation
    • Variables
    • Operators
    • Looping Statements
    • Conditional Statements
    • Pass Statements
    • Functions
    • File Handling
  • Statistics & Probability
    • Introduction
    • Defination & Basic Concepts
    • Definations Of Probability
    • Basic Principles Of Permutation & Combination
  • Random Variable
    • Random Variable
    • Probability Mass Function
    • Probability Distribution Function
    • Binomial Distribution
    • Normal Distribution
  • Hypothesis
    • Null Hypothesis And Alternative Hypothesis
    • Level Of Significance And Critical Value
    • One Tailed And Two Tailed Tests
    • Type I And Type II Errors
  • Time Series
    • Introduction
    • Defination
    • Components Of Time Series
    • Method Of Least Square
  • Regression
    • Linear Regression
    • Multiple Linear Regression
    • Polynomial Regression
  • Analyze Data With Numpy
    • Create Array With Numpy
    • Addition With Numpy Array
    • Subtraction With Numpy Array
    • Multiplication With Numpy Array
    • Division With Numpy Array
    • Numpy Array Indexing
    • Numpy Array Slicing
  • Analyze Data Using Pandas
    • Python Pandas Creating Series
    • Python Pandas Creating Dataframe
    • Creating Dataframe From CSV
    • Python Pandas Filter DataFrame
    • Python Pandas Sorting Dataframe In Ascending Order
    • Python Pandas Groupby
    • Python Pandas Concatenate Dataframe
    • Python Pandas Merge Dataframe
  • Visualization With Matplotlib
    • Pyplot
    • Barchart
    • Histogram
    • Scatter Plot
    • Box Plot
    • Correlation Heat Map
    • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Introduction to Power BI
    • Introduction to Power BI Dashboard
    • What is the Data (Input)
    • How to Import Data in PBI
    • Create Slicer and Format
    • Create Pie Charts
    • Create Doughnut Charts
    • Create PBI Visuals
    • Create an Average Line in a Column Chart
    • Create a Horizontal Bar Chart
    • Edit Interaction feature and why is it important?

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Skills covered

  • Python
  • Statistics
  • Linear algebra
  • Data visualization
  • Critical thinking
  • Communication
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Data analytics and data science are inextricably linked. Data analytics is a subset of data science that is used to understand the structure of an organization's data. In general, data analytics produces reports and visualizations. Analytics output is used in data science to study and solve problems. We offer online and offline classes on Data Analytics.

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Certification In Data Analytics
₹ 40,000 (+18% GST)
Training & Mentorship
Lifetime Access (24 x 7)
Per Month 5 Live Webinar
Flexible Schedule
Online LIve Interactive Session
Recorded Session After the class
World Recognised Certificate
3 Months Internship Program After The Course
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Dataspace Academy, an educational wing of Dataspace Security, is Kolkata’s fastest-growing Edtech and training hub. With world-class trainers and trusted industry partners, the academy offers our learners immersive offline/online learning experiences.

Our latest introduction to the list is Data Analytics. In today’s world, companies deal with tonnes of data, both valuable and worthless. These organizations are actively looking for professionals who can clean, sort, and arrange these bits of information to create valuable information. And they are willing to pay higher remunerations to the right individual.

The demand for data professionals will increase exponentially in future. Dataspace Academy brings you an opportunity to tap into this growing demand. Join our upgraded, industry-relevant data analytics course and learn the essential tricks of the trade from expert trainers. Throughout the course, students attain business domain knowledge, data transformation, and storytelling skills as well as learn to implement complex algorithms to solve complex business problems with the help of case studies and projects. In this course, you are mentored by industry experts via real-life case studies, as well as individualized attention in small groups of 5-6 students. Get hands-on experience by working on projects that are relevant to your industry.

Dataspace Academy aims to provide the essential skill to the students to excel in job interviews and build successful careers.


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Got any Questions?

  • Why is data analytics important?

    Data analytics is a rapidly evolving domain. It helps companies to track upcoming trends and patterns from a huge stack of data collected from multiple sources. With data analytics businesses can optimize employee performances, forecast results, understand audiences, and reduce costs.

  • Who needs data analytics?

    Every industry starting from retail to banking, manufacturing to the government can utilize data analytics to achieve their business goals.

  • What's the difference between data analytics and data science?

    Data science is a broader umbrella term that houses a wide range of domains to collect large datasets and derive meaningful correlations between them. Data analytics aims at working through datasets to derive specific trends and work through actionable insights.

  • What tools are taught in the data analytics course by Dataspace Academy?

    This course covers some of the highly requested data analytics courses Python, Jupyter, MySQL, NoSQL, PowerBI, and Ms Excel.

  • What are data analytics used for?

    Data Analytics is used to make sense of large amounts of data to derive insights and trends to improve business growth.

  • Why should I join Dataspace Academy?

    Our Data Analytics Certification Course by Dataspace Academy is an industry-relevant course, designed by people working in the data analytics domain. The course focuses on teaching you highly-requested data analytical skills among recruiters.

    The course involves the following:

    • Exposure to real-life projects
    • Industry-relevant skills-training
    • Lifetime access to DataSpace Security Academy LAB (50+ pdf, 100+ videos)
    • 24X7 Round the clock Doubt clearing session