Certification in Ethical Hacking

Program Overview:

Getting a certification in ethical hacking in india will provide you the skill to access the latest commercial-grade tools, methodologies, and techniques used by hackers to lawfully hack any organization. The globally accepted certification in ethical hacking in kolkata make sure that the knowledge of auditors, network administrators, and professional from a security perspective. As the course contents are vendor-neutral, it covers the whole network-security concept. The best certification course in ethical hacking will help you to think from a malicious hackers’ viewpoint and also try to penetrate the network ethically and list out the loopholes and vulnerabilities. 

Course Outline

Class Mode
Online | Interactive Live sessions
Eligibility Criteria
No Eligibility Criteria. Basic concepts provided by DataSpace Academy
Course Fees
10,000 INR + 18% GST
Lifetime Access to DataSpace Academy LAB (50+ pdf, 100+ videos)
24X7 Round the clock doubt clearing session
World Recognised Certificate

Course Module:

  • Introduction
    • Lecture 1: - What is Hacking
      Lecture 2: - What is Ethical Hacking
      Lecture 3: - Types of Hackers
      Lecture 4: - White Hat Hacker
      Lecture 5: - Black Hat Hackers
      Lecture 6: - Grey Hat Hackers
      Lecture 7: - Script Kiddies
      Lecture 8: - Hacktivists
      Lecture 9: - Spy Hackers
      Lecture 10: - Cyber Terrorists
      Lecture 11: - Vulnerability
      Lecture 12: - Exploit
      Lecture 13: - Remote Exploit
      Lecture 14: - Local Exploit
      Lecture 15: - Zero-day
      Lecture 16: - Zero-day vulnerability
      Lecture 17: - Zero-day Exploit
      Lecture 18: - Brute force attack
      Lecture 19: - Phishing
      Lecture 20: - Remote access
      Lecture 21: - Payload
      Lecture 22: - Information Gathering
      Lecture 23: - Active Information Gathering
      Lecture 24: - Passive Information Gathering
      Lecture 25: - Scanning
      Lecture 26: - Gaining Access
      Lecture 27: - Maintaining Access
      Lecture 28: - Covering Tracks
      Lecture 29: - Viruses & Worms
      Lecture 30: - Trojan Horse
      Lecture 31: - Spyware
      Lecture 32: - Adware
      Lecture 33: - Backdoor
      Lecture 34: - Rootkits
      Lecture 35: - Ransomware
      Lecture 36: - What is Penetration Testing
      Lecture 37: - Types of Penetration Testing
      Lecture 38: - What is white box Penetration Testing
      Lecture 39: - What is Black Box Penetration testing
      Lecture 40: - Introduction to Linux OS
      Lecture 41: - Social Engineering
      Lecture 42: - Google hacking using google dorks
  • Lab Setup
    Lab Setup and Configuration
    • Lecture 43: - What is Virtual Machine
      Lecture 44: - What is VMware
      Lecture 45: - What is Virtual Box
      Lecture 46: - Install VMware
      Lecture 47: - Install Kali Linux
      Lecture 48::- Install Windows OS
  • System Hacking
    System Hacking
    • Lecture 49: - Vulnerability Scanning using Nessus
      Lecture 50:- Exploit using Metasploit
      Lecture 51:- Network Scanning using Nmap
      Lecture 52:- Windows 10 Hacking
      Lecture 53:- Windows 10 UAC Bypass
  • Social Engineering
    Social Engineering
    • Lecture 54:- Phishing Attack
      Lecture 55: Setoolkit usages
      Lecture 56: RAT (Remote Access Trojan)
      Lecture 57: Using RAT hack Systems
      Lecture 58: NGROk usages
      Lecture 59: Android Phone Hacking
  • Wifi Hacking
    Wifi Hacking
    • Lecture 60: Wifi Encryption
      Lecture 61: Hack Wifi Access Point
      Lecture 62: Dos Attack
      Lecture 63: DDOS Attack
  • Web Application Pentesting
    Web Application Pentesting
    • Lecture 64: How Web Application Works
      Lecture 65: Request and Response
      Lecture 66: Installing Scanner (Acuntix, Netsparker) Scanning
      Lecture 67: Website Basic
      Lecture 68: OWASP Top 10
      Lecture 69: What is Sql-Injection?
      Lecture 70: Types of Sql-Injection
      Lecture 71: Live Demo on Sql-Injection
      Lecture 72: What is XSS
      Lecture 73: Types of XSS
      Lecture 74: Live Demo on XSS All types
      Lecture 75: What is HTML Injection
      Lecture 76: Live Demo on HTML Injection
      Lecture 78: What is Directory Listing
      Lecture 79: Live Demo on Directory Listing
      Lecture 80: What is Broken Authentication
      Lecture 81: - Live Demo on Broken Authentication
      Lecture 82: - What is Tamper data?
      Lecture 83: - Live Demo on Tamper Data on Ecommerce site
      Lecture 84: - What is Web Shell
      Lecture 85: - Hack Web-Server Using Web-Shell

Tools Covered

Our services

If you want to combat the black hat hackers, you will be needing of ethical hacking certification that also should be a global certification in ethical hacking. We at DataSpace Security provide comprehensive IT security for students and professionals who have an interest in ethical hacking course near me. We show the most recent and most refreshed improvements in the data security area alongside top to bottom moral hacking certificates preparing for our understudies.

Admission & Fees

Basic Plan

Certification in Ethical Hacking
  • 10+ Hours Recorded Video
  • Lifetime Access (24X7)
  • Per Month 1 Live Webinar


Certification in Ethical Hacking
6,000 INR
  • 40+ Hours Recorded Video
  • Lifetime Access (24X7)
  • Per Month 5 Live Webinar
  • World Recognised Certificate
  • 3 Months Internship Program after the course
  • Next Course Enrollment 5% Discount
  • Whatsapp Group Tech Support


Certification in Ethical Hacking
10,000 INR
  • 40 Hours Live Interactive Session by Industry Expert
  • Placement Support
  • Dataspace Academy Lab Access (100+ Videos, 50+ PDF)
  • Training & Mentorship
  • 40+ Hours Recorded Video
  • Lifetime Access (24X7)
  • Per Month 5 Live Webinar
  • World Recognised Certificate
  • 3 Months Internship Program after the course
  • Next Course Enrollment 5% Discount
  • Whatsapp Group Tech Support

Why should you choose DataSpace Security?

The strength of the security of networks is very necessary as it stands between the hacker and the data. To ensure if your network is always protected, you will need a person who has learned to secure the database and identify the loopholes. This is the main thing we train our students in our certification course in ethical hacking.

  • We provide information about the latest IT sector development and also give them the chance of learning by doing. We train our students to identify vulnerabilities of a system and also the protective steps to counter the problem. 
  • We have experienced faculties to help our students get the most extensive practical training in our certification course in ethical hacking
  • We provide the information and skill to the students to excel in job interviews and build a successful career.  

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