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Certification In Ethical Hacking

Over 2,50,000 websites get hacked every day all around the world. Master the skills to beat black-hat hackers with the best Certification in Ethical Hacking course from DataSpace Academy . The course is suitable for both beginners and professionals with experience in cybersecurity.


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Program Overview

Our Certification in Ethical Hacking course will enable learners to obtain an in-depth understanding of different kinds of system vulnerabilities and also how to address them. In a nutshell, the course will teach you a comprehensive range of hacking skills so that you can outsmart the black-hat hackers and protect organisations from cyber threats.

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Who Can Join This Training?

Students with knowledge on basic networking
Individuals with knowledge on computer application
Professionals from networking aspiring to switch career to ethical hacking
Professionals from computer application aspiring to switch career to ethical hacking

Skills You Will Gather

Vulnerability Assessment
Penetration Testing
Network Security
Ethical Hacking Tools

We are proud to express our support for the cybersecurity initiative by the Indian Government, with the help of Cyber Swachhta Kendra, Indian CERT, and Cyber Security Awareness programs. These initiatives emphasize on raising awareness and promoting safe internet practices. It pledges to promote and adhere to these practices as a responsible member of the digital community.

#IndianCERT # CyberSwachhtaKendra #DigitalIndia #CyberSecurityAwareness

Course Module

What Is Hacking

What Is Ethical Hacking

Types of Hackers & Definitions

Script Kiddies




Remote Exploit

Local Exploit


Zero-day vulnerability

Zero-day Exploit

Brute force attack



Trojan Horse








Steps of Ethical Hacking

Google Hacking Using Dorks Demo

Lab Setup

What is Nmap

Port Scanning with Nmap

Service Scanning

Network Scanning

Nmap Various Command

Hacking with Metasploit

What is Metasploit

Msfvenom & Msfconsole

Windows XP Hacking with Metasploit

Windows 7 Hacking and UAC Bypass

Nessus: Network Vulnerability Sanner

Installing Nessus (Kali Linux & Windows)

Running Different Scanning Template

Making Report After Successful Scan


What is Sniffing

Network Sniffing with wireshark

How to intercept Login details from network

Denial of Service Attack

what is Dos

how it happens

impact of Dos on Bussiness

How to mitigate the issue

Design structure of DDos

How to secure wifi network

Password cracking through wifi attack

What is Sql Injection vulnerability

Types of Sql Injection

Types of Sql Injection

Business impact of Sql Injection vulnerability

How to Resolve the issue from application

What is XSS vulnerability

Types of Cross-site Scripting vulnerability

Business impact of Sql Injection vulnerability

Demonstration of XSS

How to Resolve the issue from application

Directory Listing Vulnerability

Demonstration of Directory Listing vulnerability

impact of this vulnerability

How to resolve the issue

What is Data Tampering vulnerability

Business impact of this vulnerability

Demonstration of Data Tampering

How to resolve the issue

What is web shell hacking

Demonstration of this vulnerability

How to resolve the issue

Genymotion set up

Hack Wifi Access Point

Setting up ADB

Genymotion proxy

Phishing attack

Request And Response

SE toolkit

Website Basic


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Our Hands-on Projects

Tools Covered

Roadmap to Certification in Ethical Hacking


Certification in Ethical Hacking Program

Career Opportunities

Average Salary
Hiring Companies
₹5L - ₹40.34LPA

Average Salary
Hiring Companies
₹6L - ₹19LPA

Average Salary
Hiring Companies
₹3.5L - ₹10.34LPA

Other Job Opportunities

Cybersecurity Engineer, Security Consultant, Penetration Tester, Information Security Manager, Network Security Engineer, Security Test Engineer

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100% practical and lab-based classes (available online & offline)

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Specially tailored Certification Course equipped with in-demand industry skills

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Have some doubts? Let's Clear

Everyone aspiring to build a career in ethical hacking is welcome to join the course, especially learners with basic knowledge of networking and computer application for the basics.

It is good to have the basic networking and computer application knowledge to enroll on this course.

Yes, the program includes live project practice for hands-on training.

For details on seasonal discounts and special offers, please consult with our academic counselling team.

This course will enrich learners with a solid foundation on network vulnerability scanning and application vulnerability scanning. After the completion of this course, learners can sign up for advanced cybersecurity courses as well.