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A career in Computer Forensics is highly rewarding with opportunities in private firms and government agencies. With rising cyber attack rates, agencies worldwide are investing heavily in Cyber Forensics talent.

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Which departments and organizations are looking for Cyber Forensic Professionals?

  • Law enforcement agencies: In India, law enforcement agencies such as the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), the National Investigation Agency (NIA), and state police forces have specialized cybercrime divisions that require the expertise of cyber forensic professionals.
  • Government agencies: Government agencies such as the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, and the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) often require the services of cyber forensic professionals..
  • Private sector companies: Private sector companies in India, including those in the banking, financial services, and insurance sectors, are increasingly hiring cyber forensic professionals to help investigate data breaches and other cybercrimes.
  • Legal firms: Law firms in India may require the services of cyber forensic professionals to help with the analysis of digital evidence related to cybercrimes and to provide expert testimony in legal proceedings.
  • Consultancies: Cybersecurity consultancies in India may require the services of cyber forensic professionals to provide clients with specialized digital forensics services and to conduct investigations into cybercrimes.
  • Academic institutions: Some academic institutions in India offer cyber forensic programs and may require experienced cyber forensic professionals to teach or develop curriculum in this area.

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Who Can Join This Training?

Aspiring/Present Cyber
Forensic professionals
Learners with Basic Computer Knowledge
Professionals from Technical Backgrounds wanting to switch careers for advancement
Professionals with 3+ years of relevant experience

Careers Opportunities

Average Salary
Hiring Companies
₹6.5L - ₹23.34L PA

Average Salary
Hiring Companies
₹5L - ₹30.34L PA

Average Salary
Hiring Companies
₹5L - ₹40.34L PA

Other Job Opportunities

Incident Responder, Cloud Security Engineer, Desktop Security Analyst, Security Consultant Security Auditor Firewall Engineer, Ethical Hacker, Storage Security Engineer, Security Test Engineer, Cyber Security Engineer, Cloud Security Engineer.

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Knowledge , Skills and Abilities You Will Acquire

  • Understanding of file formats: You will learn about various file formats and how they are structured, which will enable you to identify different types of files and their content.
  • Hashing and encryption: You will learn about hashing algorithms and encryption techniques, which are essential for data integrity and confidentiality.
  • Registry analysis: You will learn how to analyze the Windows registry to identify user activity, installed applications, and system configurations.
  • Mobile device analysis: You will learn how to analyze data extracted from mobile devices, including call logs, text messages, multimedia files, application data, and user settings.
  • Mobile device security: You will learn about the security features of mobile devices, including data encryption, password protection, and remote wiping, and how to bypass them to acquire digital evidence.
  • Data carving techniques: You will learn how to extract files and data from unallocated space, slack space, and hidden partitions.
  • Operating system architecture: You will learn about the underlying architecture of Windows operating systems and how it stores data.
  • Memory analysis: You will learn how to extract and analyze volatile memory to identify running processes, network connections, and malware.
  • Malware analysis: You will learn how to identify and analyze malware that resides in memory, such as rootkits, spyware, and keyloggers.
  • Enterprise Investigations:
    • Understanding of corporate security policies and procedures
    • Ability to analyze security incidents and determine their impact on an organization
    • Understanding of evidence collection and preservation techniques in a corporate environment

We are proud to express our support for the cybersecurity initiative by the Indian Government, with the help of Cyber Swachhta Kendra, Indian CERT, and Cyber Security Awareness programs. These initiatives emphasize on raising awareness and promoting safe internet practices. It pledges to promote and adhere to these practices as a responsible member of the digital community.

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Souvik Biswas
Senior Cyber Forensics Analyst

Souvik is a senior consultant with experience in Digital Forensics. He has Vast practical experience in Digital Forensics and Cyber Investigations. He is also an experienced professional who has worked in collaboration with top law enforcement and federal agencies across India such as Income Tax, WB CID, DRI, RPF, GST, etc. Souvik is professionally Certified with BelkaCE, CDFE, Digital Forensic Essentials, etc. He has also hosted a lot of boot camps on digital forensics for academia, LEA bodies, etc.

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Cyber Forensics, also known as digital forensics, is the application of investigative techniques to collect, analyze, and preserve digital evidence from electronic devices and networks. It involves using specialized tools and procedures to investigate cybercrimes and other digital incidents, such as data breaches, network intrusions, and computer fraud.

Cyber forensics is needed to investigate and solve cybercrimes, data breaches, and other digital incidents. It helps identify the cause of the incident, the individuals responsible, and the extent of the damage or loss. It also provides critical evidence for legal proceedings and helps organizations improve their security posture and prevent future incidents. Without cyber forensics, it would be difficult to investigate and prosecute cybercriminals, leaving victims without justice and potentially allowing cyber threats to continue unchecked.

The career scope for cyber forensics professionals is proliferating, with increasing demand for experts in both law enforcement and the private sector. Professionals in this field can expect to find various career opportunities, including roles in digital forensics, incident response, cybersecurity, and risk management.

Individuals with a background in computer science, information technology, or cybersecurity are well-suited to join the cyber forensics sector. Other relevant qualifications may include a degree in forensic science, criminal justice, or a related field. In addition, individuals with experience in law enforcement, intelligence, or the military may also find opportunities in cyber forensics. Strong analytical skills, attention to detail, and the ability to work with complex technical tools are essential for success in this field.

The Certification in Cyber Forensics typically covers a range of topics related to digital forensics, including - Digital evidence collection and preservation, Computer and network forensic analysis, Incident response and investigation techniques, Cybercrime laws and regulations, Data recovery and analysis, Cryptography and steganography, Mobile device forensics, Cybersecurity best practices

Both cybersecurity and cyber forensics are important and rewarding career paths, and the choice between them ultimately depends on your interests and career goals. Both cybersecurity and cyber forensics offer excellent career opportunities, with strong demand for skilled professionals in both fields. Ultimately, the decision between these two paths depends on your interests and skills, and both can be rewarding and fulfilling careers.

Dataspace Academy will provide placement assistance after the successful completion of the Certification in Cyber Forensics course.

After completion of that course they will get a certificate from DataSpace. Then if they want they will complete CHFI or CCD certification