Certification in Android Pentesting

Program Overview:

Mobile Application Hacking and Penetration Testing

The Mobile Application Penetration Testing Methodology (MAPTM) is the approach that should be used when conducting mobile app penetration testing. It depends on the android application hacking security approach and moves the focus of customary application security, which thinks about the actual danger originating from the Internet.

Customer-side security, file system, hardware, and network security are all part of the mobile application penetration testing methodology. It is has been long considered that the end client is in charge of the device.

Android is the enormous organized base of any mobile platform and overgrowing‚ÄĒconsistently. Furthermore, Android is ascending as the most broadened working operating system in this perspective due to various reasons. DataSpace Security being the best cybersecurity company in Kolkata, provides computer data protection services.¬†


Program Outline

Class Mode
Online | Interactive Live sessions
Eligibility Criteria
Ethical Hacking From Dataspace Academy
Course Fees
10,000 INR + 18% GST

Lifetime Access to DataSpace Academy LAB (50+ pdf, 100+ videos)
24X7 Round the clock doubt clearing session

World Recognized Certificate

Course Module

  • Getting Started with Android Security
    • Introduction to Android
      Digging deeper into Android
      Sandboxing and the permission model
      Application signing
      Android startup process
  • Preparing the Battlefield
    • Setting up the development environment
      Creating an Android virtual device
      Useful utilities for Android Pentest
      Android Debug Bridge
      Burp Suite
  • Reversing and Auditing Android Apps
    • Android application teardown
      Reversing an Android application
      Using Apktool to reverse an Android application
      Auditing Android applications
      Content provider leakage
      Insecure file storage
      Path traversal vulnerability or local file inclusion
      Client-side injection attacks
      OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities for mobiles
  • Traffic Analysis for Android Devices
    • Android traffic interception
      Ways to analyze Android traffic
      Passive analysis
      Active analysis
      HTTPS Proxy interception
      Other ways to intercept SSL traffic
      Extracting sensitive files with packet capture
  • Android Forensics
    • Types of forensics Filesystems
      Android filesystem partitions
      Using dd to extract data
      Using a custom recovery image
      Using Andriller to extract an application's data
      Using AFLogical to extract contacts, calls, and text messages
      Dumping application databases manually
      Logging the logcat
      Using backup to extract an application's data
  • Playing with SQLite
    • Understanding SQLite in depth
      Analyzing a simple application using SQLite Security vulnerability
  • Lesser-known Android Attacks
    • Android WebView vulnerability
      Using WebView in the application Identifying the vulnerability
      Infecting legitimate APKs Vulnerabilities in ad libraries
      Cross-Application Scripting in Android
  • ARM Exploitation
    • Introduction to ARM architecture Execution modes
      Setting up the environment
      Simple stack-based buffer overflow
      Return-oriented programming
      Android root exploits
  • Writing the Pentest Report
    • Basics of a penetration testing report
      Writing the pentest report Vulnerabilities
      Scope of the work
      Tools used
      Testing methodologies followed

Various kinds of mobile applications

In the modern realm, android application hackings are additionally called mobile apps. Many user-friendly apps are available for most explicit requirements, starting from chatting, multi-video conferencing, games, health check-ups, betting, networks, trading, other financial administrations, etc. 

One of the intriguing future technologies regarding the mobile applications space is the improvement of mobile applications running on iOS and Android gadgets, where the application can tune in for signals from reference points in the physical world and respond accordingly, called iBeacon. 

The applications are comprehensively classified into the accompanying sorts:

  • Native apps
  • MobileWeb apps
  • Hybrid apps

Native applications that dwell in the mobile operating system are pushed/installed through separate application stores. These applications are regularly constructed utilizing development tools and languages (Xcode and Objective C, Swift for iOS applications, Android Studio, and Java for Android applications) and are designed for a specific stage. They can exploit all the gadget highlights, like the camera, GPS, phone contact list, etc.

Mobile web applications are non-native applications. Many of them are HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS applications with a web interface supporting the native application look and feel. Clients first access them as they wt to some other page, which is versatile advanced site pages. 

These applications became mainstream when HTML5 came around, and individuals began to use the functionality of local applications from programs. The turn of events and testing of these applications are simple since they all have tooling support.

Hybrid applications have two definitions. One definition is a mix of online substance and native segments getting to administrations on the mobile phone, most prominently, putting away or utilizing storage. Another definition is of a customer architecture of mobile applications. A model is a portable undertaking application. 

These are web applications incorporated into the native portable structures and exploit the cross-similarity of web advances, like HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.

Who android app hacking course is for:

  • Penetration Testers¬†
  • Mobile Application Developers¬†
  • Security experts who are keen on Mobile App Security¬†
  • Any individual who is keen on android ethical hacking course and penetration testing¬†
  • Any individual who is keen on data security ideas

This android hacking course online covers Top 10 Security issues, a wide range of vulnerabilities, Reports on various vulnerabilities, Installing Terminal, Application security, Unzip, Lots of programming in Kali Linux OS and a wide range of practicals like Android application Teardown, Application marking, Android startup Process. DataSpace Security provides cryptography and network security and network penetration testing training. 

You will find out about capturing the traffic with Certificate pinning to keep away from figuring out; it permits designers to indicate which certificate the application can trust, rather than depending on the certificate store. DataSpace Security also provides computer data protection services. 

Faeri G
Faeri G
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I am Merianthe Fae C. Gaerlan A BS Information Technology 4th year student of Nueva Vizcaya State University this was a very interesting topic and a very Good presentation. Keep on sharing your amazing skills. Thank you.
Abhra Bhattacharya
Abhra Bhattacharya
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My name is Abhra Bhattacharya.I have joined in this session that was almost good & I learnt some new things from dataspace security.Thank you dataspace security..
Abhishek Paul
Abhishek Paul
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My name is Abhishek paul. I am a student. I really enjoy the webiner which held on 25th may. It didn't feel good to be sitting at home in the lockdown, thank you so much for taking such action for us.
joesan malana
joesan malana
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Congrats to the speakers who well explained their topic in much easier way, this webinar helps us gain additional expertise.
Julibeth Anuay
Julibeth Anuay
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Im a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and i've learned a lot from the webinar.

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