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Mobile Application Hacking And Penetration Testing

The Mobile Application Penetration Testing Methodology (MAPTM) is the approach that should be used when conducting mobile app penetration testing. It depends on the android application hacking security approach and moves the focus of customary application security, which thinks about the actual danger originating from the Internet. Customer-side security, file system, hardware, and network security are all part of the mobile application penetration testing methodology. It is has been long considered that the end client is in charge of the device. Android is the enormous organized base of any mobile platform and overgrowing—consistently. Furthermore, Android is ascending as the most broadened working operating system in this perspective due to various reasons. DataSpace Security being the best cybersecurity company in Kolkata, provides computer data protection services.

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Class Mode

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Course Module

  • Getting Started With Android Security
    • Introduction To Android
    • Digging Deeper Into Android
    • Sandboxing And The Permisssion Model
    • Application Signing
    • Android Startup Process
  • Preparing The Battlefield
    • Setting Up The Development Environment
    • Creating An Android Virtual Device
    • Useful Utilities For Android Pentest
    • A Debug Bridge
    • Burp Suite
    • Apktool
  • Reversing And Auditing Android Apps
    • Android Application Teardown
    • Reversing An Android Application
    • Using Apktool To Reverse An Android Application
    • Auditing Android Applications
    • Content Provider Leakage
    • Insecure File Storage
    • Path Traversal vulnerability Or Local File Inclusion
    • Client- Side Injection Attacks
    • OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities For Mobiles
  • Traffic Analysis For Android Devices
    • Android Traffic Interception
    • Ways To Analyze Android Traffic
    • Passive Analysis
    • Active Analysis
    • HTTPS Proxy Interception
    • Other Ways To Intercept SSL Traffic
    • Extracting Ssensitive Files With Packet Capture
  • Android Forensics
    • Types Of Forensics Filesystems
    • Android Filesystem Partitions
    • Using DD To Extract Data
    • Using a Custom Recovery Image
    • Using Andriller To Extract An Application's Data
    • Using Aflogical To Extract Contacts, Calls, And Text Messages
    • Dumping Application Databases Manually
    • Logging The Logcat
    • Using Backup To Extract An Application's Data
  • Playing With Sqlite
    • Understanding Sqlite In Depth
    • Analyzing a Simple Application Using Sqlite Security
    • Vulnerability
  • Lesser-Known Android Attacks
    • Android Webview Vulnerability
    • Using Webview In The Application Identifying The Vulnerability
    • Infecting Legitimate Apks Vulnerabilities In Ad Libraries
    • Cross-Application Scripting In Android
  • ARM Exploitation
    • Introduction To ARM Architecture Execution Modes
    • Setting Up The Environment
    • Simple Stack-Based Buffer Overflow
    • Return-Oriented Programming
    • Android Root Exploits
  • Writing The Pentest Report
    • Basics Of a Penetration Testing Report
    • Writing The Pentest Report Vulnerabilities
    • Scope Of The Work
    • Tools Used
    • Testing Methodologies Followed

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Skills covered

  • APT
  • Dynamic analysis
  • Static analysis
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Skills Covered

Tools covered

  • Metasploit - Tools
  • Nikto - Tools
  • Hashcat - Tools
  • NMAP - Tools
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You will study the fundamentals of Android pentesting in this course. You will learn about many vulnerabilities in the vulnerable application DIVA: Damn Insecure and Vulnerable Application throughout the lectures as well as how to begin analyzing Android applications.

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  • What is Android Penetration Testing, and how does it work?

    Android penetration testing is the practice of identifying security flaws in an Android app. It's a method of systematically looking for flaws in an Android app, testing its security, and ensuring that it adheres to security regulations.

  • What is the An Android App's Architecture?

    The primary purpose of an APK file is to distribute the application's binary files to the end-user. The Android APK file is distinct from the Android operating system. The APK file, which is installed on the device's system partition, is used to install applications on Android devices.

  • What makes Android Penetration Testing so important?

    Android apps are utilized for a variety of purposes in today's society, including mobile banking, shopping, exchanging personal information, social networking, and entertainment. Various hacking techniques, such as buffer overflow, code injection, reverse engineering, malware, and so on, pose a threat to Android devices.