Global Certification in CYBERSECURITY

By EC Council CEH V12

In Order to Secure your place in this competitive market, Global Certification in Cyber Security is vital. Just like education requires mark sheets to pass, your professional skills require the best-recognised certificates in the market

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Program Overview

DataSpace Academy brings you the best Ethical Hacking Certification training in collaboration with EC Council, which will help you to master advanced network packet analysis and system penetration testing techniques to build your network security skill set and prevent hackers.

Key Highlights

Immersive LEARNING
Live Project EXPERTISE

Course Module

Cover the fundamentals of key issues in the information security world, including the basics of ethical hacking, information security controls, relevant laws, and standard procedures

Learn how to use the latest techniques and tools to perform foot printing and reconnaissance, a critical pre-attack phase of the ethical hacking process.

Learn different network scanning techniques and countermeasure.

Learn various enumeration techniques, such as Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) and Network File Sharing (NFS) exploits, and associated countermeasures

Learn how to identify security loopholes in a target organization’s network, communication infrastructure, and end systems. Different types of vulnerability assessment and vulnerability assessment tool

earn about the various system hacking methodologies—including steganography, steganalysis attacks, and covering tracks—used to discover system and network vulnerabilities.

Learn different types of malware (Trojan, virus, worms, etc.), APT and fileless malware, malware analysis procedure, and malware countermeasures

Learn about packet-sniffing techniques and how to use them to discover network vulnerabilities, as well as countermeasures to defend against sniffing attacks

Learn social engineering concepts and techniques, including how to identify theft attempts, audit human-level vulnerabilities, and suggest social engineering countermeasures.

Learn about different Denial of Service (DoS) and Distributed DoS (DDoS) attack techniques, as well as the tools used to audit a target and devise DoS and DDoS countermeasures and protections

Understand the various session hijacking techniques used to discover network-level session management, authentication, authorization, and cryptographic weaknesses and associated countermeasures.

Get introduced to firewall, intrusion detection system (IDS), and honeypot evasion techniques; the tools used to audit a network perimeter for weaknesses; and countermeasures.

Learn about web server attacks, including a comprehensive attack methodology used to audit vulnerabilities in web server infrastructures and countermeasure.

Learn about web application attacks, including a comprehensive web application hacking methodology used to audit vulnerabilities in web applications and countermeasures

Learn about SQL injection attacks, evasion techniques, and SQL injection countermeasures

Understand different types of wireless technologies, including encryption, threats, hacking methodologies, hacking tools, Wi-Fi sedcurity tools, and countermeasures

Learn Mobile platform attack vector, android and iOS hacking, mobile device management, mobile security guidelines, and security tools

Learn different types of IoT and OT attacks, hacking methodology, hacking tools, and countermeasures.

Learn different cloud computing concepts, such as container technologies and server less computing, various cloud computing threats, attacks, hacking methodology, and cloud security techniques and tools

Learn about encryption algorithms, cryptography tools, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), email encryption, disk encryption, cryptography attacks, and cryptanalysis tools

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Tools Covered





Skills Covered

Advanced System Hacking
Advanced Reconnaisance
Privilege Escalation
Network VAPT


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Cyber security Carrer Opportunities

Average Salary
Hiring Companies
₹5L - ₹30.34L PA

Average Salary
Hiring Companies
₹4.2L - ₹30.5L PA

Average Salary
Hiring Companies
₹4.5L - ₹40.34L PA

Other Job Opportunities

Incident Responder, Cloud Security Engineer, Desktop Security Analyst, Security Consultant Security Auditor Firewall Engineer, Ethical Hacker, Storage Security Engineer, Security Test Engineer, Cyber Security Engineer.

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Have some doubts? Let's Clear

Candidate should have a minimum Educational qualification of (10+2) and a basic understanding of computer Applications.

Because India is Asia's IT hub, networking is in high demand. In India, the scope of networking is enormous. Companies such as TCS, Infosys, Wipro, HCL, Tech Mahindra, and others.

In India, the average starting salary for a Cyber Security analyst is roughly around 1.8 lakhs to 2.20 Lakhs per year (15.0k - 18.0k per month).

DataSpace Academy provides an Internship programme for students who have successfully completed the certification and diploma courses. For pre-qualified candidates who are freshers, there will be a course-related test that needs to be qualified to be a part of the internship programme.