Advance Penetration Testing Program

Penetration testing is one of the most in-demand skill sets in the cybersecurity industry. There are more jobs that require advanced-level hacking than there are people who have the ability to fill them, and this class prepares you to confidently step into one of those roles.

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Program Overview

This course is a deep dive into the world of advanced pen testing, and there are no life jackets - only binaries. Real-world unethical hackers are becoming increasingly more devious and cunning when it comes to technology.

Key Highlights

Immersive LEARNING
Live Project EXPERTISE

Course Module

Mobile Penetration Testing (OWASP Top 10, Burp Suite, Tools…)

Lab Setup using Android Emulator

Vulnerable apps and VM download

Android Application Pentesting basics

Using Apk-tool,dex2jar,JD-GUI to decompile apps and review the source code

Intercepting HTTP and HTTPS traffic

Insecure Data Storage vulnerabilities

Server side and client side vulnerabilities

Insecure logging

Exported Application components

Client side injection

Android application testing advanced

Introduction to frida

Root detection bypass using Objection

Insecure local data storage

Traffic analysis

Introduction to frida CLI

Introduction to SSL pinning

Bypassing SSL pinning using Frida

Introduction of SOC

What is Enterprise network

what is Defense in Depth

What is Log Parsing

Deep Dive into SOC Environment

What are SIEM deployment options

SIEM Architecture

Splunk Introduction

How to upload data to splunk

what is Splunk Field

Understanding web logs

How to Create Splunk Reports and Dashboard

How to install Splunk Forwarder in windows

Which are impotent Windows Event Codes

Scenarios for SMTP Profiling

DNS Profiling

HTTP traffic profiling

Roles and Responsibilities as a SOC analyst

XXE (XML External Entities)

Exploiting XXE using external entities to retrieve files

Exploiting XXE to perform SSRF attacks

Blind XXE with out-of-band interaction

Blind XXE with out-of-band interaction via XML parameter entities

Exploiting blind XXE to exfiltrate data using a malicious external DTD

Exploiting blind XXE to retrieve data via error messages

Exploiting XInclude to retrieve files

Exploiting XXE via image file upload

Exploiting XXE to retrieve data by repurposing a local DTD

Basic server-side template injection

Basic server-side template injection (code context)

Server-side template injection using documentation

Server-side template injection in an unknown language with a documented exploit

Server-side template injection with information disclosure via user-supplied objects

Server-side template injection in a sandboxed environment

Server-side template injection with a custom exploit

Manipulating Web Socket messages to exploit vulnerabilities

Manipulating the Web Socket handshake to exploit vulnerabilities

Cross-site Web Socket hijacking

Web cache poisoning with an unkeyed header

Web cache poisoning with an unkeyed cookie

Web cache poisoning with multiple headers

Targeted web cache poisoning using an unknown header

Web cache poisoning via an unkeyed query parameter

Parameter cloaking

Web cache poisoning via a fat GET request

URL normalization

Combining web cache poisoning vulnerabilities

Cache key injection

Internal cache poisoning

Modifying serialized objects

Modifying serialized data types

Using application functionality to exploit insecure deserialization

Arbitrary object injection in PHP

Exploiting Java deserialization with Apache Commons

Exploiting PHP deserialization with a pre-built gadget chain

Exploiting Ruby deserialization using a documented gadget chain

Developing a custom gadget chain for Java deserialization

Developing a custom gadget chain for PHP deserialization

Using PHAR deserialization to deploy a custom gadget chain

JWT authentication bypass via unverified signature

JWT authentication bypass via flawed signature verification

JWT authentication bypass via weak signing key

JWT authentication bypass via jwk header injection

JWT authentication bypass via jku header injection

JWT authentication bypass via kid header path traversal

JWT authentication bypass via algorithm confusion

JWT authentication bypass via algorithm confusion with no exposed key

Introduction to red team concepts and methodologies

Cyber kill chain

Initial vectors of compromise(Mitre ATT&CK framework)

C2 framework(Covenant and empire)

Cobalt Strike

Relevant Red team tools(Bloodhound,Mimikatz,Impacket,Powersploit)

Intermediate windows and linux commands

Process Injection

Lateral Movement

Port Forwarding

Adversary Emulation(APT3)

How web API works

Threat Modeling an API Test


REST API Specifications

API Authentication

Information Disclosure

Broken Object Level Authorization

Broken User AuthenticationBroken User Authentication

Excessive Data Exposure

Lack of Resources and Rate Limiting

Broken Function Level Authorization

Mass Assignment

Security Misconfigurations


Improper Assets Management

Business Logic Vulnerabilities

Passive Recon

Active Recon

Endpoint Analysis


Automating Mass Assignment Attacks with Arjun and Burp Suite Intruder

Attacking GraphQL

Architecture, Discovery, and Recon at Scale

Attacking Identity Systems

Attacking and Abusing Cloud Services

Vulnerabilities in Cloud-Native Applications

Infrastructure Attacks and Red Teaming

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Tools Covered





Skills Covered

Wifi Hacking
System Pentesting
Android Hacking
Network Pentesting


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Cyber security Carrer Opportunities

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₹5L - ₹30.34L PA

Average Salary
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₹5L - ₹40.34L PA

Other Job Opportunities

Incident Responder, Cloud Security Engineer, Desktop Security Analyst, Security Consultant Security Auditor Firewall Engineer, Ethical Hacker, Storage Security Engineer, Security Test Engineer, Cyber Security Engineer, Cloud Security Engineer.

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Candidate should have a minimum Educational qualification of (10+2) and a basic understanding of computer Applications.

Because India is Asia's IT hub, networking is in high demand. In India, the scope of networking is enormous. Companies such as TCS, Infosys, Wipro, HCL, Tech Mahindra, and others.

In India, the average starting salary for a Cyber Security analyst is roughly around 1.8 lakhs to 2.20 Lakhs per year (15.0k - 18.0k per month).

DataSpace Academy provides an Internship programme for students who have successfully completed the certification and diploma courses. For pre-qualified candidates who are freshers, there will be a course-related test that needs to be qualified to be a part of the internship programme.